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Alpha Trim™-W
Alpha Amylase Inhibitor from Wheat - Starch Blocker
For use in weight control products, No Ephedra
Free flowing light tan powder or granular - One capsule dose
Available in bulk only - for encapsulation, tableting, or blending

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Product and Economic Benefits:

    * Effective dose in one "0" capsule: Unlike
      bean inhibitors, the recommended dose will fit
      in a size "0" capsule with room to spare.

    * Concentrated: Alpha Trim-W has an alpha
      amylase inhibition activity of 90%.  Six times
      more activity per gram than bean derived
      (phaseolus) amylase inhibitors.

    * Lower cost: Per effective dose, Alpha Trim-W
      costs less than other starch blockers.

    * No Ephedra: Does not contain ephedra or
      ephedra like compounds.
      Alpha Trim-W is not a stimulant.
    * Efficacy: The Mayo clinic has found wheat amylase inhibitors to be more effective
      than bean amylase inhibitors at delaying and preventing starch digestion.

    * Alpha Trim-W general information:
Made in the US in an animal tissue free facility under strict GMP and
        HAACP quality control.
      - Inhibition activity is measured by the peer reviewed method [Murao, et. al., Agric.
        Biol. Chem., 45(11), 2599~2604, 1981].
      - There is no Trypsin inhibition detectable in Alpha Trim-W by the American Oil
        Chemists Society standard method (Woodson-Tenent Laboratories).
      - Industrial sales only.  No consumer sales.

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    Notice: This product is a dietary supplement and as such is not intended to treat,
     cure, or prevent any disease.  A person seeking to treat any disease should consult
     a physician or other health care professional prior to taking any dietary supplements
     or drugs.
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