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Product and Economic Benefits:
    * OxyVac helps protect food from aerobic organisms and oxidative degradation,
      extending shelf life.
    * OxyVac is invisible to the consumer and is less expensive and easier to use than
      iron oxide packets.

    * OxyVac is a process aid under 21CFR101.100(3)(ii)(c) and need not be declared on most
       ingredient labels.

    * In most foods, OxyVac has no effect on taste.

    * OxyVac reduces the O2 level in most moist food packages to below 0.1%.

    * A low O2 level prevents the growth of mold and is presumed to be low enough to kill mites,
      other insects, and most aerobic bacteria.

    * One gram of OxyVac will consume the free oxygen in .22 liter of air (at 20% O2) or the free
       oxygen in 1 liter of package head space that has been gas flushed down to 4% O2. 
       Nutricepts can help you determine the exact application rate required for your product,
       package, and shelf life requirement.

    * OxyVac continues to consume O2 that penetrates package film during storage,
       keeping O2 levels down.

    * Reduced head and interstitial space in the package (air volume) will increase the
       effectiveness and reduce the cost of OxyVac use.  The rate of O2 depletion depends
       on temperature, surface area, and water activity.

For effective function, the following product and production parameters are required:

    * The product must contain at least 20% free moisture (AW>.65).

    * OxyVac should be applied to the surface of the product no longer than 20 minutes prior
       to package sealing. OxyVac does not need to be in contact with all surfaces of the
       product, it must only be in the package and have access to the moisture within the
    * The package must be sealed tightly and should not be heated to greater than 100 F
       within four days of packaging to avoid deactivation of the enzymes.
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Food Grade Oxygen Scavenging Enzyme System

Maintains a very low oxygen environment for foods packaged in oxygen barrier bags with at least 20% free moisture (Aw>.65)

Perfect for grated cheeses, fresh pasta, par baked bread products, or other modified atmosphere (MAP or CAP) packaged products.

Available as OxyVac-AC blended with various anticaking agents.  Contact us for more information.
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