Nutricepts, Inc.
Innovators in Food Ingredients and Nutritional Supplements
Nutricepts, Inc. was founded in 1997.  General offices are located in Burnsville (Minneapolis), Minnesota and manufacturing facilities are located in Minnesota, Illinois, and France.  The company employs Ph.D. food technologists and works with several leading academic research departments.  Nutricepts specializes in medium volume proprietary and specialty food ingredients, bulk nutritional supplements, and pharmaceutical precursors.

The company's mission statement is:
To provide the food, nutritional supplement, and pharmaceutical industries with unique high quality and high value ingredients which improve the nutritional content, functional characteristics, and shelf stability of processed foods and nutritional supplements.

The company supplies products to major multinational food companies in the U.S., Europe and Asia. It sells products directly and through distributors in the U.S., and through distributors in Europe and Asia. Nutricepts, Inc. is customer oriented with a long record of supplying high quality ingredients on time.

Industrial Sales Only.  No Consumer Sales.
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Manufacturing innovative ingredients for the food,
nutritional, and pharmaceutical industries.
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